The Wokester Bowl

First you had “America the Beautiful” sung by some dude with silver teeth and ugly, hideous tattoos all over his face and neck — arguably the ugliest man in America.  Ugly is beautiful.  Obese is Healthy.  A man can become a woman.  Because “we” say so and “we” are woke and you are not.  Reality is what we say it is.

Then came the even more ridiculous “Black National Anthem” to remind everyone of how hateful and dangerous ALL white people are and implying that black people should have their own country to completely segregate themselves from evil and dangerous white people.  Where is the country of “Black,” anyway?  Where can I find its constitution?  Is there a Black History textbook where I can look up the answers to these questions?

Then there was a commercial with a dozen or so people randomly washing other people’s feet with the screen shot of “Jesus Didn’t Preach Hate.”  Duh.  No kidding.  Neither did he go around washing the feet of anyone and everyone.  He washed the feet of his Disciples before the Last Supper.  This, too, was woke-ism run wild with its [Only] Black Lives Matter-style of implying once again the alleged hatefulness of at least Trump voters, if not all white people.  “Deporables,” as Hitlary descrived them, or as Obama described them, losers who “cling to their guns and their Bibles,” or “domestic terrorists” as the Brandon administration has labeled them.  This commercial came from the kind of people who have been preaching violent, vitriolic, unhinged hatred toward Trump and his 75 million voters nonstop for years.  What would Jesus think about that, I wonder.

Oh yeah, there was also the obligatory ad for the Pentagon and the defense contracting industry with soldiers and sailors mindlessly beating on drums and pointing guns, a flag the size of the entire field, and fighter jets flying over — just in case the Iranians, Chinese, or Russians were thinking of invading Las Vegas during the Superbowl.


6:31 am on February 12, 2024