The Wicked Witch of the Midwest Gets Wickeder

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced a plan Thursday to tie the future of COVID-19 restrictions in Michigan to the percentage of residents who get their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine.

Is it me, or does that sound suspiciously like extortion?

“The MI Vacc to Normal challenge outlines steps we can take to emerge from this pandemic as we hit our vaccination targets together,” Whitmer said. “On our path to vaccinating 70% of Michiganders 16 and up, we can take steps to gradually get back to normal while keeping people safe. 

“If you haven’t already, I encourage you to rise to the challenge and be a part of the solution, so we can continue our economic recovery and have the summer we all crave.” 

Notice how blatantly and deliberately this unspeakable witch pits residents against one another.

Naturally, this being the government, the deal is entirely revocable at Witchmer’s whim:

…Whitmer said the state health department might delay implementation in a certain region of the state if the seven-day average of new cases there is greater than 250 a day per million residents.

“We believe this is unlikely, but it’s an important safety valve if something unexpected were to happen,” Whitmer said.

Oh, and by the way, Michigan’s corrupt and harmful RINOS are complicit:

Whitmer said for her new plan, she took input from members of the Republican-controlled Legislature who have often clashed with her during the pandemic.

Yeah, they put up such a fuss. Out there asserting their exclusive authority to legislate every day to the media, presenting facts that gainsay Witchmer’s claims about the plandemic, refusing to wear masks or anti-social distance and encouraging their constituents to defy those unconstitutional orders, too… Oh, wait, I’m wrong: they didn’t do any of that, did they? 

Alas, Witchmer and the RINOS aren’t the only tyrants trafficking in blackmail. Their neighbors in Ohio do as well, if a bit more subtly:

A lack of vaccination throughout pockets of Ohio could lead to new outbreaks of COVID-19 months or even years down the road,  [Amy] Fairchild[, dean of Ohio State Univeristy’s College of Public Health] said. In that case, Fairchild said she wouldn’t be surprised if virus restrictions, such as capacity limits for events or outright business closures, would temporarily be reimposed in certain areas during new outbreaks.

No doubt, this bribery will spread faster than flu ever did across the country.

The lesson in every case is the same: until serfs stand up to these dictatorial bullies, until Americans reclaim their heritage of liberty and defiance, Our Rulers will continue enslaving us. 

Thanks to James Nellis for alerting me to Witchmer’s latest crime.


7:52 pm on April 29, 2021