The War Photo No One Would Publish

The War Photo No One Would Publish.

As with this earlier photo which was indeed published and became the most famous image of an earlier American imperial exercise in genocide, one picture screams a thousand words concerning the insanity of war. I met the subject of this latter searing image many years ago. The State and its craven regime media fear Kim Phuc as a living witness testifying to the horrific reality of war. They hate for her enduring courage and dedication towards stopping what happened to her from ever happening to other children. Therefore they will do everything in their diabolic power to suppress similar images which slice through the execrable banalities and manufactured lies of war. 

UPDATE: An alert LRC reader forwarded me this poignant account of Kim Phuc sharing her message of peace and reconciliation in the face of ever increasing war: “We cannot change history, but with love we can heal the future.”


5:53 pm on August 11, 2014