The War Against Antifa/BLM

Neither BLM nor antifa are drawing on a well, shallow or deep, of mass discontent, either white, black or other. There is no significant systemic racism or white supremacy that’s thwarting the people that BLM claims to be their “constituents” or to speak for. There is no significant fascist movement that antifa’s opposing.

And because their chosen enemies, racism and fascism, do not exist in our country as things that can or should cause us even a moment of worry or deep concern, both BLM and antifa are in their thinking and ideology nothing more than turbulent currents of activity and foul air extended into significant violence against their targets, which include not only innocent diners, statues, businesses, mostly local and small, and police, but also people in companies and other paid positions who are being forced out or otherwise intimidated by senseless indoctrination programs.

Since antifa/BLM are activists “fighting” for imaginary causes against imaginary foes, whose lack of substance makes them no more guilty than unicorns, it is incorrect to view BLM and antifa as movements, as a resistance movement, or as a rebellion, or as an uprising (as Kamala Harris put it). They are too puerile and too lacking in a real foundation in mass discontent to be any of these. They also happen to be based on near complete fantasies about history, human nature and the human condition. And if the BLM slogans have caused many people here and abroad to respond favorably to BLM, which is indeed a sad but real phenomenon, that doesn’t mean that their claims possess an underlying reality. Magicians provoke oohs and ahs when they saw a woman in half, but that doesn’t make her death real.

Antifa is an organized violent terror outfit, and their tactics show it. They will show this even more clearly as they graduate to more and more violent means that include bombings and assassinations, but their terror character is already on display with mobbing, their clothing, arson, Molotov cocktails, laser light weaponry, clubs, bats, vandalism, widespread destruction, and concrete missiles. They come organized and prepared for riots. They travel from city to city. They are urban guerillas whose ranks are being thinned a bit by arrests made by Department of Justice officers.

What is antifa out for? Communist anarchism:

“They aren’t interested in protecting America’s system of government, according to their own statements — they’re interested in destroying it.

An antifa statement reads “We must identify the forces underlying their[America’s] laws and their order — white supremacy, patriarchy, policing, capitalism, and the state. We have to work together to keep ourselves safe and reimagine the world without them.”

When they say “fascism”, they mean what we have here and now, socially and politically, and they mean to destroy it all. White nationalists who revere Hitler are only a trivially small part of what they mean by saying they’re anti-fascist.

“From the very start of the Trump administration, far-left actors declared their intention to use massive demonstrations to disrupt the American political process as much as possible.

“A common mantra among far-left groups beginning shortly before the inauguration: make America ‘ungovernable.'”

Antifa is radically revolutionary. It’s comfortable and allied with BLM because BLM’s philosophy is also out to end the very same things that it conceives to be social and political evils and obstacles to better lives: white supremacy, patriarchy, policing, capitalism and a democratic-republican state. This is why it is perfectly okay to think of antifa and BLM as together trying to overthrow our society and our political structures. It’s okay to speak of antifa/BLM as one. They are allies in ideology and in action on the streets of America.

Communist anarchists have a peculiar hatred of “hierarchy”, which they see as an evil that permeates societies:

“Anarchism is one of the most thoroughgoing forms of opposition to fascism, in that it entails opposition to hierarchy itself. Virtually every framework that countenances hierarchy, be it democracy or ‘national liberation,’ enables old power imbalances like white supremacy and patriarchy to remain in place, hidden within the legitimacy of the prevailing structures.”

These people want to burn it all down, everything you take for granted, and the more radical and bold among them say this in public. The fact that this is so radical and so completely alien to what Americans value and think is why I say that neither antifa nor BLM are building upon a well of discontent. The only way that they can succeed is by converting lots and lots of us to their analysis of society as being evil through and through, such that it requires radical destruction, starting with the police and property. Along the way, they are finding some converts among cuckoo “journalists” and “intellectuals” who think looting is just fine. In the end, the people with good sense and right values are going to squelch these violent communist anarchists. There are many, many of them ready and eager to do it now.

The antifa/BLM thinking and agenda are so far out as to appear psychotic or mad, and they are. No one in his right mind who understands what antifa and BLM are aiming for can possibly support them. What is the current society supposed to be replaced by? Communism? An equally bad social democracy? Nonetheless, for various reasons, antifa/BLM is receiving support and backing, and we are in for a war of sorts to suppress their criminal rampages and violations of decent people and decent order.

This is a big challenge, but it will be met because most Americans have the good sense to know that antifa/BLM means them no good whatsoever.


4:52 pm on September 8, 2020