The Voice of Reason on Iraq

The true heroic voice of reason concerning the past and present Iraqi quagmire is certainly not war criminals Dick Cheney and Barack Obama, nor Senator Rand Paul. It is Paul’s father, 2012 presidential candidate Ron Paul. He remains the voice of clarity directing his Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.

The principled constitutionalist and noninterventionist Ron Paul was right from the start about our disastrous preemptive imperial wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, right from the start about the destructive ‘blowback’ fomenting more hatred directed towards America, right from the start about the Federal Reserve’s monetary policies creating the housing bubble which led to the 2008 financial meltdown, right from the start about the War on Drugs, the USA Patriot Act, the invasive NSA surveillance, and the TSA imposing a police state upon the American people.

Spewing forth the scurrilous epithet “isolationist” as if it were some form of demonic voodoo won’t cut it anymore. Dick Cheney and his neocon horde should know that the American people are fed up with their seemingly endless lies and vilification concerning persons counseling nonintervention in the internal affairs of other nations. They have seen first-hand what such globalloney lies have brought on our nation with disastrous preemptive wars of aggression.

Ron Paul was never afraid to speak truth to power which is why he remains greatly admired by stalwart GOP conservatives, grass-roots tea party activists, independents, and disillusioned Obama Democrats. Accordingly the veteran Air Force flight surgeon Paul received more financial contributions and support from active duty military personnel than all other presidential candidates combined. They knew he has seen first-hand the ravages and toil of combat and as presidential commander-in-chief would not carelessly place them in harm’s way in no-win wars.

A President Paul would only commit combat troops with the proper constitutional declaration of war and the full support of the American people. Of all the 2012 candidates only he repeatedly spoke out clearly and forcefully against the belligerent war propaganda and calculated lies in the bipartisan lead up to war with Iraq, against the bipartisan campaign for punitive sanctions against Iran, and against further covert operations to destabilize the fragile geopolitical situation in the Mideast.

Never forget that the duplicitous chicken hawk jihadist Cheney beat the propaganda war drums of “weapons of mass destruction” in the failed war in Iraq, while the disingenuous Nobel Peace Laureate Barack Obama has plunged us further into belligerent quagmires in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iran, and Syria.

The American people know the bitter tragedy of war. They are tired of being lied to about these futile conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Iran and Syria. It is their sons and daughters, husbands and wives, who were seriously maimed, irreparably disabled, and needlessly killed, never to return physically or psychologically intact as they were when they marched off to these egregious follies.

Ron Paul remains the most decisive, authoritative, and substantive consistent conservative voice on the crucial national security issues facing our nation. Americans have always rooted for the heroic underdog, the principled David facing down Goliath. By standing out from the pack of neocon clone candidates in 2012, Paul proved his forthright courage, his dedication to first principles, to the United States Constitution and the rule of law.

Ron Paul remains our defender of the republic, a statesman of unblemished character and principled judgment. The twelve-term congressman has for decades courageously spoken out for a conservative foreign policy based upon a strong national defense of the essential core principles of liberty and justice as established by the Framers, a defense of the territorial integrity of the United States and its national borders. Peace, prudential diplomacy, free international trade and commerce, and the free exchange of ideas are the key elements to a constitutional foreign policy.

Ron Paul remains first and foremost a realist. America is financially bankrupt due to decades of reckless, irresponsible fiscal and monetary policies pursued by the Fed, the Congress, and the Executive branch of the state. Paul’s measured conservative program of strategic disengagement from the unconstitutional pre-emptive wars of the past decade, coupled with a serious analytical reassessment of the imperial over-reach of 900 military bases in 130 nations, is the only wise course dictated by this unsustainable debt situation.


9:55 am on June 23, 2014