The Ukrainians Deserve Better

Daniel:  I am reminded of how, during World War II, the Ukrainians had to choose between supporting Hitler or Stalin (like choosing between lung cancer and emphysema). Most opted for Hitler, not out a preference for one tyrant over another, but from their experiences with Stalin’s campaign that starved millions of Ukrainians to death. They apparently concluded that they had a better chance of surviving under Hitler than with a continuation of Stalin’s genocide efforts.  Of course, we know that Stalin’s starvation war against the Ukrainian people was but an unfounded rumor: didn’t the New York Times, through it’s crack reporter, Walter Duranty, so inform us? And didn’t Duranty win the Pulitzer Prize for his efforts?  So, let us see what the MSM has to say about the current campaign in the Ukraine.  We will then know the truth, right?  Right?


10:12 am on March 3, 2014