The TSA’s Checklist

In response to yesterday’s post about the TSA’s brush with Ebola and its surprising usefulness as a disposal for old paint cans, our Canadian correspondent, David Maharaj, wonders “how a TSA goon self-monitors. A check list, I suppose.

A make-believe job: Check

A burning need to live off the productivity of others: Check

A bizarre ability to rationalize away sexually assaulting men, women, and children, on a daily basis: Check.”

David also finds it “truly amazing that a violent institution, such as the state, which routinely drops depleted uranium and hundreds of other toxic elements around their military bases, and during war, has the audacity to point fingers at us about proper recycling techniques for old paint. No self- monitoring there.”

Indeed not. Only dump-truck loads of hypocrisy and totalitarianism.


11:10 am on October 22, 2014