The Sexocrat Party’s War on Catholicism?

I suspect that the Sexocrats (known to some as “Democrats”) have gone so ape shit over Judge Kavanaugh, with far more extreme hatred than they displayed (as usual) for Judge Gorsuch, because Kavanaugh appears to them to be much more of a devoted Catholic, having attended Jesuit schools, is still volunteering at a church soup kitchen, attends church, etc.  Nothing incites a murderous hatred in the hearts of the Sexocrat abortion queens more than the prospect of a Catholic in high public office who is not pro abortion (like Rudy Giuliani, for instance).  Schumer and Feinstein obviously don’t care about the conservative Catholic vote anyway.  Not that Kavanaugh would buck the Republican Party Official Policy of only talking about limiting abortion to dupe their voters but never doing anything about it.

UPDATE:  I might just be stating the obvious here, but the anti-Catholic bigotry by the lunatic Left is really out in the open here.  I just caught about a minute of Bill Maher on HBO. P.J. O’Rourke was sitting next to him as I was switching channels, so I watched to see if he had anything funny to say.  Maher was going on and on about how much he hated Judge Kavanaugh, and emphasized as he looked directly into the camera that “He’s a CATHOLIC . . . CATHOLIC!  Get it?!” The audience of California totalitarians roared with approval.  Just imagine, Bill, if someone said about another supreme court nominee, “He a Jew . . . A Jew!!  Get it?!” I guess that would be OK in Maher world.


10:10 am on September 25, 2018