The Remarkable Courage and Integrity of Robert Kennedy, Jr.

I don’t know why I really was never impressed with Robert Kennedy, Jr. until I took the time today to watch this interview.

Perhaps it was his halting speaking style or some other something I can’t put a finger on.  But take the time to view this very engaging, sincere fact based interview.

When I was a junior in high school I became determined to get involved in politics and go to work in the Robert Kennedy presidential campaign. I suppose I had a vague romantic notion of RFK being a noble family legacy of his brother whom I much admired as the martyred president.

I had no idea of any conspiracy theory concerning the death of John Kennedy at that time.

Robert Kennedy’s youthful persona as an idealist against the Vietnam War appealed to me. He seemed genuine and authentic while the rude, crude, earthy LBJ was a shifty, lying mass murderer. When I saw Kennedy killed on live TV (he died the next day on my birthday June 6) it really struck home. Later I intensively watched the Chicago 1968 Democratic national convention and the subsequent police riot, how the peace plank was voted down, and Johnson’s VP Hubert Humphrey anointed as the party’ presidential candidate. I pretty much buried my enthusiasm for the Kennedys with him.

I don’t really know when I last was so impressed by an interview which forced a total paradigm shift concerning an individual or subject as this one.

Putting aside all the fascinating detailed information concerning the cover-up of deleterious effects vaccines have caused world wide, the role of Bill Gates and Big Pharma, the WHO, in this tragic story, and how it all relates to COVID-19, the part that hit home especially to me was the final part of the interview concerning the role of the CIA in the assassinations of his father Robert Kennedy, and of his uncle President John F. Kennedy. As LRC readers well know I have extensively studied and investigated these events, have probably over 100 books on them, and have written many articles and blogs over them for decades. Everything RFK, Jr. said about them incredibly rings true. His concise discussion of them was absolutely remarkable and directly on-target.

His from the heart descriptions of growing up Kennedy, with the intense family traditions of deep religious faith, familial piety, and an educational approach to life stressing rigor and argumentative debate and questioning of all subjects, was truly enlightening  — as was his illuminating discussion of the future technocratic authoritarian surveillance state planned for American serfs modeled on the Chinese Social Credit economy, again something I have written about to LRC readers.  

The fact that this amazing, courageous man has been so criminally marginalized and cast into the outer darkness in regards to communicating to the American people about these crucial matters is one of greatest national disgraces I have encountered in my lifetime.


7:16 am on May 21, 2020