The REAL Reason Brendan Fraser “Won” the Oscar for Best Actor in “The Whale” REVEALED

What Mark Dice is alluding to here can be summed up in one diabolical, all encompassing word – Gnosticism.

LRC readers should delve into the excellent authoritative text, Gnostic America: A Reading of Contemporary American Culture & Religion according to Christianity’s Oldest Heresy, by Peter M. Burfeind. The subject of gnosticism is one of the most important and impactful areas of study in world history, with tremendous consequences both ancient and modern few non-initiates can fathom It has fascinated a wide range of dedicated scholars with which LRC readers are familiar such as Eric Voegelin, James BillingtonMichael BurleighMurray RothbardHenri de LubacThomas MolnarJohn GrayTerry Melanson, and F. A. Hayek,

Gnosticism: The Enduring Heresy and Menace to Western Civilization


7:22 am on March 15, 2023