The Original Oath of Enlistment for American Military Officers . . .

. . . was an oath to defend and protect the “free and independent states” of “New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York . . . .”  and NOT any central government called “the United States Government,” or any politician named Lincoln, or Biden, or anything else.  Established by the Continental Congress on October 21, 1776.

“United States” was ALWAYS, until the Lincoln regime, in the plural signifying that the free and independent states — free and independent in the same sense that England, France, and Spain were free and independent states — were united.  In this case they were united in their desire to secede from the British empire.  Their war of secession was the real founding principle of America. George Washington’s secretary of state and secretary of war, Massachusetts Senator Timothy Pickering, called secession “the” principle of the American Revolution.

“Democracy” is a farce absent the right of secession.  It is the ultimate test of whether a government in a democracy is really based on the consent of the governed as worshippers of the god of democracy have always claimed.


6:51 am on February 8, 2024