The Ol’ Welcome Mat

The Vazis have hardly begun their door-to-door rounds, yet LRC’s readers are preparing for their advent. We are such a hospitable crew, especially when it comes to government’s goons—excuse me, “trusted messengers.” Ergo, here are several tips for your adaptation on Welcoming A Vazi Or Other Official Busybody:

Mark Seiler advises, 

One thing we should do, should GovCo come a knockin’, is to get THEIR names and home addresses. Demand they show “ID” to prove they are who they say they are. Oh, and btw, remember you have the right to remain silent.

Mr. Anonymous promises to exercise several other such rights:

Inre the question of who will go banging on doors in the vaxx-nagging campaign, I think it safe to say that it will DEFINITELY be federal goons (at least in those areas most likely to resist, which includes my neck of the woods) because NO ONE, not even a desperate, talentless, otherwise-unemployable Amoricon useless eater, is foolish enough to put their life at risk by wandering into “enemy territory” to try to sell salt to a snail.  My neighbors and I are already planning for when those marching morons decide to trespass on our properties, and we are absolutely serious about resisting with ANY means at our disposal.  People already avoid us for good reason (we’re rural, making us both inconvenient and hostile to city folk) and we would almost pity the fools that would go out of their way to cause trouble out here.  The only question most of us are asking is what new firearms we want to add to our arsenals.  I would prefer easily portable, lighter caliber firepower, which would work fine against “volunteers.”  However, if the feds decide to send in the heavy artillery, that will be a different matter altogether.  Maybe an actual neighborhood “militia” that stands watch for approaching invaders needs to be considered.  I really think that it’s going to come to that sooner rather than later.

David Maharaj

think[s] the vaccine door-to-door salesmen, and women, should be handled as follows: Let them know you are “trans” and currently identify as a TSA agent. Ask them to step in so you can “pat” them down for liquid of any kind. There is, after all, a new war on extremism.

Let me suggest you also rifle any bags they’re carrying and steal their valuables. Don’t stint: give ‘em the complete TSA treatment.

Another gentleman notes that

the Code of Federal Regulations that prohibit the promotion of experimental drugs: 

No claims should be made, either explicitly or implicitly, that the drug, biologic or device is safe or effective for the purposes under investigation, or that the test article is known to be equivalent or superior to any other drug, biologic or device. Such representation would not only be misleading to subjects but would also be a violation of the Agency’s regulations concerning the promotion of investigational drugs [21 CFR 312.7(a)] and of investigational devices [21 CFR 812.7(d)].

Knocking on doors is coercion and intimidation and is illegal.

He further “demand[s]” that

a “Public Servant Questionnaire … be completed prior to answering questions. It is reverse intimidation. It will also give you the information required for your lawsuit.”

He suggests we remember these “key points” when Leviathan’s lackeys disturb our peace:

An American does not have to speak with a government agent unless the citizen has been arrested.

Americans have a right to privacy, to be left alone. 

The PRIVACY ACT OF 1974 (Public Law 93-579), empowers citizens to require full, written disclosure from a government official who seeks information. 

You may insist on complete disclosure as a precondition to speaking with any government official. 

The Limits On Federal Power: 

Law-abiding citizens are sometimes visited by agents of the Federal government for no apparent reason. It is helpful, at the time of these visits, to recall that unless a citizen has been placed under arrest (either because a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe the citizen has committed a crime or because the officer has in his possession an arrest warrant issued by a judge who believes there is probable cause the citizen has committed a crime, a citizen does not have to entertain the company of government agents. 

Citizens also have the right, guaranteed by the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, not to testify against themselves. Thus, when “the government” comes knocking on one¹s door, you have the right to simply say, “Please go away.” Unless the government officer places you under arrest (there must be probable cause, or an arrest warrant based on probable cause), the officer must obey your wishes. …

If a citizen chooses to cooperate with government officials who are seeking information, BEFORE questioning begins, the citizen should politely inform the government agent or agents that a prerequisite for the citizen’s cooperation with “the government” is the agent¹s cooperation with the citizen. 

Do It Right, The First Time 

The questions should then be put to each agent, and the citizen should enter the answers onto the questionnaire. Copies should be provided to each agent, either at the time of the questioning or by mail to the agent after the visit. The questionnaire informs the government agent that the citizen knows his rights and knows which limited powers the government agent has been granted by the people. 

Most probably some government agents will not want to fill out or sign the PSQ. That’s fine. They can then be sent on their merry way. They may need to explain to their superiors, and a court of law, and a jury, on another day, why they refused to cooperate with the reasonable questions of the highest officeholder in the land, a citizen. 

Should none of this guidance soothe your anxieties at hosting uninvited Feds, a friend reminds us that Washington State (and no doubt yours as well) wastes taxpayers’ money on

Washington Listens, … a free, anonymous service for anyone in the state. Washington Listens provides support to people who feel sad, anxious, or stressed due to the events of this year including COVID-19 and wildfires. It is a partnership of several agencies from across the state to provide emotional and mental support to individuals and families during these trying times…”

Cute, isn’t it? This lunacy provides an almost literal example of government’s breaking your leg—or infecting you via a germ engineered with “gain of function”—and then handing you a crutch—or hiring losers on your dime to listen to your plaints. 

I’ll bet you can exhaust two or three of these nincompoops with your criticisms of the Vazis.


10:56 am on July 14, 2021