The Nullification and Secession Imperatives

Deroy Murdoch recently published an article in The Daily Caller outlining a few aspects of the pure evil of the communist revolutionaries who now control the Demo-Bolshevik party, and why normal Americans simply cannot tolerate them.  There can be no compromise with people like this, says Murdoch.  The new American breed of communist totalitarians:

  • Would deny life-affirming care to babies who somehow survive abortions.
  • Sic FBI agents on parents who oppose exposing their preschoolers to sexual perversion and grooming at school board meetings.
  • Indoctrinate seven-year-old children into “penis slicing” and “breast-chopping” surgery.
  • Ignore murderers, carjackers, thieves, and hoodlums and let them out of jail immediately whenever they are arrested.
  • Invented the fantastic Big Lie that Trump was a Russian spy, and then arrested him as soon as he became the top opponent of the Demo-Bolshevik candidate in the next presidential election, and then accuse their opponents of “election interfering.”
  • Invest hundreds of millions in vote rigging of elections, committing massive vote fraud in broad daylight.

Murdoch argues that it will take “toughness” in the next Republican president to eradicate these communistic totalitarians from American society.  Trump “has the necessary guts,” he writes, and DeSantis might, but not any of the other present candidates.

I agree that Trump is tougher than the rest, but there is another alternative, described by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence:  Peaceful Secession.  There may come a time when it is necessary for Americans to abolish their existing government and replace it with a new one, wrote Jefferson.  In the meantime, Jefferson’s Kentucky Resolve of 1798, which declared the nullification of the Adams administration’s Sedition Act that outlawed free speech, is the appropriate holding pattern tool.  Governor DeSantis and the conservatives in the Florida legislature have driven the Demo-Bolshevik totalitarians insane by outlawing and nullifying their plans to unleash perverts and pedophiles on the youngest Florida school children and also teach them the racial hatred lesson that all white people are inherently evil and racist by virtue of having white skin.  Their obvious goal is to instigate a violent race war.  Normal Americans of any race would think this to be absolutely insane and criminal.


11:20 am on June 19, 2023