The News Networks PC and Propaganda

Ilana Mercer says that Joan Rivers is the antidote to PC totalitarianism, providing as an example a recent CNN interview of Rivers by a Fredricka Whitfield. This Fredricka person seemed typical of someone unfamiliar with the “stick-and-stones …” adage, who is concerned about “offending” people and “hurting someone’s feelings,” etc., and she was saying to Joan Rivers about being “mean” to others in her act and so on. Well, Joan had enough of this newsbimbo’s lecturing and walked out of the interview. I don’t blame her. I think that many people on the Left are more concerned about someone saying something that might hurt someone’s feelings than they are about Obama’s drone-killing spree overseas murdering innocents and targeting rescuers and wedding parties, or Obama’s DOJ sending drug-war S.W.A.T. teams into people’s homes and assaulting and killing more innocents for no good reason, or Big Pharma killing people with their “legal” drugs, etc. But God forbid someone’s feelings might be hurt by some crass remark made by some old comedian who has made a lot of money insulting celebrities.

And Justin Raimondo exposes Diane Sawyer’s showing a photo of Palestinians being victimized by the Israeli government’s bombings but describing the photo as Israeli victims. Supposedly ABC will correct the “error.” Raimondo also gives a brief historical background of the history behind some of these conflicts and the history of Zionism. In my view, it doesn’t have as much to do with Jews having a “safe homeland” as it is to do with an ideology that mixes Zionism with central planning. Several governments and their respective bureaucrats around the world got together to form one new central planning ruling bureaucracy, in Israel. It hasn’t worked out so well, just as things here in the U.S have not worked out so well with our central planning bureaucracy. But like their pushing for PC censorship for fear of “offending” someone, the newsbimbos on the networks here propagandize for central planning regimes, especially those in which it is “PC” to support.


1:24 pm on July 11, 2014