The National Pastime: Living At Everyone Else’s Expense

TimmyTaes sends this illuminating chart of “Per Capita Distribution”—ahem: shouldn’t that be “Redistribution”?—“of Federal Receipts and Expenditures, FFY 2017.” In other words, is your state robbing you to send more or less money to the Feds than it grabs in return? (“Understanding Money”), publisher of this study in 2019, reached several conclusions—and this was before COVIDCon’s assault on our wallets:

  • 40 out of 50 states are getting more, sometimes a lot more, from the federal government than they’re paying in taxes.

  • Taxpayers in Virginia receive more than $10,000 on a per capita basis than they pay, the biggest imbalance of any state in the country.

  • Several states in the Northeast pay thousands more in taxes than they receive from the federal government.

Even better was TimmyTaes’ observation: “No surprise that Virginia and Maryland (home of all those overpaid government bureaucrats) make much more money from DC than they send to the Federal government in taxes.”


11:47 am on June 18, 2021