The Narcosaurus and the Deep State

For over a decade at LRC I have been writing about the Narcosaurus —  The Narcosaurus in the RoomNarcosaurus Update: Banksters and Gangsters; and The Narcosaurus.

Along with the multinational petroleum and weapons/intelligence industries of the military-industrial complex, the global narcotics trade is one of the biggest and most lucrative businesses in the world. It is fueled and enabled by the intersection of drug money, intelligence and money laundering on a vast scale by banks and financial institutions.

Researchers have connected the dots linking the “underworld” of organized crime (narcotics) to the “upperworld” of the Establishment (Wall Street banks and CFR-connected corporations/foundations/media). Interwoven within the nexus are the covert intelligence agencies of the deep state.

Here finally is an explicit and undeniable example of this “narcosaurus” interrelationship — The Wall Street leviathan banking firm of JP Morgan Chase, owners of Mediterranean Shipping Co. and the seizure of $1 billion dollars worth of cocaine. 


11:41 pm on July 13, 2019

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