“The Most Woke, Over-Sensitive, Woe-is-Me Couple in the World”

That would be the “weak whiner” Prince Harry and his wife the compulsive “social climber” Megyn Markle according to Piers Morgan.  They are also apparently now part of the Clintons’ inner circle which, by definition, makes them look sleazy, corrupt, and reprehensible.  (Was Harry, like his Uncle Prince Andrew and his new pal Bill Clinton, also a friend of Epstein’s?)  Leaving the royal family for an American woman he wanted to marry, as one of Harry’s ancestors did, is one thing, but leaving it to become part of the Clinton/Obama/Hollywood Leftist crowd is, well, deplorable.  (Not that anyone in the world cares, but Megyn has announced that she would never leave Canada for the U.S. as long as Trump is president.  Whining Harry has apparently obeyed her orders).


12:24 pm on January 13, 2020