The Military Wing of the Democrat Party is Back in Action

A “protester” who was protesting the building of a police training center in Atlanta pulled out a gun and shot a state trooper in the stomach.  The trooper is recovering from surgery.  The police returned fire and killed the murderous scumbag, identified as a “non-binary” animal who describes him/itself with several pronouns.  Naturally, Antifa and other elements of the military wing of the Demo-Bolshevik party showed up and rioted in Atlanta, smashing windows, setting buildings on fire, setting a police car on fire, and assaulting the police.  The police are at fault here, they say, and this view has been echoed by the LMS (Lying Media Scum) on CNN and elsewhere.  One CNN guest even said that such behavior was not “violent” but merely more peaceful protesting.  The point of the “protesting” of course is that Left-wing thugs should be free to shoot cops without anyone criticizing them for doing so.

This kind of behavior suddenly ended the moment the LMS (not Congress, as required by the Constitution) declared Brandon to be the winner of the presidential election, but now they’re back.


10:31 am on January 22, 2023