The Military Mindset

Here is the American military mindset in all its glory:

I know military people (GF in the USAF, cousin in the Navy-and I can say that they have done more for the country than you ever will. My cousin has several combat deployments as a fighter pilot over Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and she has faced Iranians (though no combat involved) on several occasions. My GF flies interceptors for the ANG and has gone on hunts for Russian bombers on two occasions off the CA coast.

You sir are a part of the problem in this Nation. You despise and berate those who helped to maintain the freedoms and liberties you so enjoy and exercise in spewing your hatred.

You are a disgusting pig! How dare you say those things about my Son! I wish I could take away all of your American privileges you waste because my Son paid for those rights. You don’t like what a Marine does, then get the f*ck out of my country you piece of sh*t.

These are taken from responses I received to my recent article, “My Son Is a Marine.”

An observation and a question.

1. Conservatives used to rail against women in the military. Now they celebrate it.

2. How does a member of the U.S. military flying a jet over Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria do anything for the country, help maintain our freedoms and liberties, and pay for our privileges? Someone please explain it to me.


9:35 pm on December 19, 2018