The Mask War Morphs

Being coerced to comply with the demand to be a guinea pig for an experimental gene therapy in order to ‘regain’ basic human freedom is hardly freedom,” said Dr. Joseph Mercola while chatting with “CJ Hopkins, an American playwright, novelist and columnist who currently resides in Berlin, Germany.” Fortunately for Our Rulers, American knowledge of liberty is so scant that myriads of serfs are falling for this lie—and that’s despite its being the latest in a very long line. 

Mr. Hopkins opined, “… the masks, I think, were the primary means of generating the appearance of an apocalyptic plague that is threatening the very fabric of society. When people take off their masks, the illusion will just evaporate.”

Would that he were correct! But the media, the corporations, and the political class are pushing The Jab so tirelessly that needles have replaced diapers as the Holy Grail. 

Ergo, this is the last dispatch Your Intrepid Reporter will file on the Mask War. Whether it remains the same battle, now that it’s waging a vast medical experiment, is a philosophical debate too picayune to concern us; for sure, these twin conflicts share the same object (our total subjugation to a Marxist dictatorship) as well as tactics (terror and peer pressure that may rapidly degenerate to state-sanctioned coercion).

Here, then, are concluding observations from Patriots across the USSA.

In Florida, Mr. Anonymous

Went to Doctor’s office on 2 separate visits (my primary care doc who is black and a cool laid back guy around 45) and my Filipino Dr who is … older ([and] who took vax shots. I dont know about my primary care doc from Africa who speaks softly and never pushy about colonoscopy or other vaccines (My primary care doctor did NOT EVEN ASK ME IF I GOT VAXXED, UNBELIEVABLY.)

The Filipino Pulmonologist nurse aid asked me questions if I was vaxxed immediately after the usual half hour wait when they should see you RIGHT AWAY—doctors are the only people who think we must wait and they always make you wait FOR THEM—no other appointment does that in the world.

Anyway I am not going to tell you whether I said yes or no but use your judgment as to the answer I gave to the nurse just to get these people off my back.

I still cannot believe how many old farts obediently mask up for doctor appointments. I kept taking mine down to breathe. Meanwhile at the filipino doctor waiting room all the old patients are masked up scared to death OF DEATH (hey, people, it’s going to happen! You can’t stop it!!!) WHILE THE RECEPTIONIST HAD THE PLASTIC SLIDING DOOR OPEN WITH NO MASK ON!!!!

I wore a mask like an obedient simp but I just didn’t want any grief from these terrified old farts over a disease that has a survival rate of 99.9%.

..I REALLY BELIEVE PEOPLE ENJOY THEIR SERVITUDE OF WEARING MASKS, ESP DEMORATS AND OLD PEOPLE AND THEY ARE SO OBEDIENT IT IS SICKENING. There is no fight left in people; its pathetically frustrating and sad.  Aldous Huxley was right when he said people will learn to love their servitude (of even something THEY SHOULD NOT ENJOY)—like WEARING A STUPID MASK THAT DOES NOTHING FOR A VIRUS LESS DEADLY THAN THE FLU. … PURE INSANITY!!!

Mark Higdon in Ohio

just filled out a “customer satisfaction” survey online for a company–CWA–that performs a service in my home twice a year. The following is what I wrote in the final, comments field.

The reason for my mediocre score on the service man’s “professional” appearance is the mask he had to wear, on orders from CWA. Until the company lifts its employee masking requirement, I will recommend it to no one (see first response). As for the service I received this time and in the past, it has always been fine, and I will likely continue as a CWA customer. Management: If you want me to recommend CWA to others, get the message, get a clue and liberate your employees’ faces!

Dom from New York City

went to Boston on Memorial Day to see a playoff hockey game. Things were almost normal except for the mask requirement. No temperature check, just the regular security theater getting in. In the seating area, hardly anyone was wearing a mask. A young woman kept hugging me every time the Bruins scored. So much for social distancing. Unfortunately the Bruins lost the game and series. It was the first normal sporting event I saw since 3/7/20 at Madison Square Garden. The Massachusetts governor pulled a complete 180 turn going from Whitmer to Desantis two days before that game.

…New York lifted the outdoor mask requirement. From what I’ve seen a majority of NYC residents still wear masks. It seems for the young people, they take their masks off only when they’re out with a group of friends.

On Sunday, I went to a Walmart in Secaucus, NJ. The store had a sign posted that masks were not required if you were fully vaccinated. No one at the door requested proof. Including myself due to the “vax at home kit” (Ivermectin), exactly 13 people in the store did not wear a mask. The sheep have been properly trained. Conversely, at a New York Boulders game later that day in Pomona, NY, exactly one person had a mask on. About 1500 were at the game.

Unfortunately, vax proof or medical test results are required to see indoor events in New York. Thanks to the sfaccim minore, I am making a decent profit on selling Islanders playoff tickets. Look up Bob Grant and Mario Cuomo for the reference to the Italian phrase.

At the Catholic Church I go to in midtown Manhattan, all posted signs requiring masks were removed. The only sign on the door was a reminder to dress modestly for Mass. The Church has air-conditioning and it works very well.

He subsequently returned to the Walmart and found

all signs related to mask wearing and distancing along with floor markers were removed. Unfortunately, about 90% of the patrons were masked. I was not, plus it was too hot anyway to even wear one. A 7-11 by a gas station off routes 1&9 in Jersey City also did not have any mask or distancing signs. New York could learn from their neighbor.

Arrogant Noo Yawk loin from Joisey? Whew! Dom’s smokin’ some powerful weed!

In Texas, Ms. Anonymous reports: 

Our little grocer in the town next to ours where I shop at times have fully removed face diapers from employees!!! Hallelujah! I told every face I met, “it’s so good to see your face”!

And another friend writes,

Since June 15th when our “gracious” governor decreed that those who are “fully vaccinated” no longer must wear masks I have noticed a marked decline in the wearing of masks in my metro area of Northern California to the point that now it is indeed rare to see a masked moron in any grocery store, supermarket, department store, gym, or any business for that matter.  Now the shoe – or mask – is on the other foot so to speak, so the masked dunderheads now are receiving a taste of their own stink-eye medicine.  Of course our pretty-boy governor was only so gracious because he foresaw a tsunami of ridicule coming after patriots had voted to put his recall up for a vote.  We know that close to 50% of the people in this state have chosen not to take the experimental gene therapy which means that many of those – like me – are not wearing masks in defiance of the decree.  Which also means that there is hope that after September 14 we will see – just as we saw with former imbecilic governor Gray Davis in 2003 – the end of Newsom’s tyranny.  In any case it is a warning to any future governor of California:  You had better embrace liberty, not tyranny.

Wanna bet future governors—if any there be—don’t interpret it that way?

And finally, Scott in Florida

miss[es] the masks!  Here’s why:

  1. It was such an adventure to waltz past the signs and the masked matrons without a mask on.  Shopping has now become such a bore.
  1. I could always identify fellow patriots upon seeing their maskless faces.  Now, I can’t figure out who the Marxists are and who the patriots are.  The world is now such a blur.  The masks were to me as the redcoats must have been to George Washington.
  1. After reading Alan Stevo’s article today, one must now see the current trajectory: If one wishes to be admitted to the hospital, it will soon be not only masks required, not only a “covid” test, but a full vaccination before a doctor will see you.

Moral of the story: eat nutritiously and avoid accidents.

So, the mask wars do indeed continue, but now things are becoming more and more lethal.  This is a real kinetic war – they are actively trying to poison us.

Yes, they are. But the Mask War trained us much as boot camp would have:

  1. Signs don’t always mean what they say. We breezed past “Masks required”; we’ll likely waltz past “Vaccines mandatory,” too. Do not allow signs to intimidate you.
  2. Our Rulers rely on voluntary obedience. Denying it to them is far more rewarding than complying.
  3. Alas, petty dictators don’t confine themselves to political office. Ignore or ridicule private buttinskis. 

Congrats again to all who have never yet donned a mask; extra credit if you don’t even own one! Should the Lord tarry, you can one day proudly tell your grandchildren, “Yeah, the whole world was awash in evil, but I refused to bow to it. I will not be ruled.”

May all of us vow likewise as The Jab Battle succeeds the Mask War. 


1:59 pm on July 15, 2021