The Mask of Foreign Occupation

The folly of the federal government’s encroachment beyond what the constitution delegates is illustrated in the signs on our post office saying that this is a federal facility and masks are required. Meanwhile, we are all going about our lives in the streets and shops and restaurants in the very same neighborhood without masks. So when the guy working at the post office goes to lunch, we’re all around him with no masks. But when we go to the post office, we all put on masks. We are the same people in the same place. There is no magic change in virology when one crosses into federal airspace.

This is madness.

The small cabal of elites in DC, a thousand miles away, have no idea about life in Gretna, Louisiana. And yet, they use the theater of the absurd to assert control over us. It is Augustine’s “lust for domination” writ large.

Historically speaking, we waged two wars over this very issue of remote interference in our lives. The one in 1776 was successful. The one in 1861 was not. So here we are today being lorded over from afar by what are essentially tyrannical foreigners.


7:55 pm on May 27, 2021