The Manchurian Socialist

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the young communist bartender from Westchester County, NY, “educated” by the Marxists at Rutgers, reportedly got the job of congressperson after attending a casting call (yes, a Hollywood-styly casting call) held by some California millionaire leftists.  She became a congresscritter after winning about 14,000 votes in her Democratic primary in a district so dominated by Democrats that whoever wins the primary is assumed to be the winner of the general election.  Ever since then, she has done nothing but mouth scripted instagrams and photo ops, most likely scripted by the same millionaire leftists who ran the casing call.

For the first time, a man who plans to run against her next year appeared before her to challenge her to a real debate about capitalism vs. socialism, and what does she do?  Run away like a scalded dog, literally sprinting to the other side of the street in apparent terror. Debating a real political opponent was never a part of the script, apparently.


11:21 am on June 10, 2019