The Lee Monument Time Capsule, by Cliff Page

The Lee Monument Time Capsule, by Cliff Page

The tearing down of cultural, heroic, and veterans memorials and monuments is what a people’s worst enemies do upon conquest for the purposes of subjugation. The eradication of monuments is the jackboot of a tyrant upon the neck of a conquered people meant to demoralize and symbolize complete control.

In the state-sponsored and promoted removal of Gen. Lee’s Memorial, Virginians have not seen such vile hedonism and disrespect since the Taliban destroyed the Buddhas of Bamyan, or ISIS tore down the statuary of Ashurbanipal and ravaged the artistry of Palmyra!  Americans, only a few years ago, saw and reviled these actions as barbarity and criminality of the worst order and criticized them universally as the destruction of world-historical patrimony and cultural evolution. Virginian’s government and its agencies are now showing the civilized world that Americans and Virginians at the highest levels are just as capable of barbarism and mindless hedonism as the most depraved order of our species.  Sadder yet is the vast majority of Virginians who have sat by and said or done nothing to resist the slander, historical revisionism, cancel-culture, and the rioting, and looting in our cities, driven by the runaway horse of a false premise of political correctness, for power, with racist motivation.


9:01 pm on December 28, 2021