The Jabbers’ Apartheid Will Come Back to Bite Them

Or so predicts an intriguing column that Bill Martin forwarded to me. Given that the Jabbed are super-spreaders of really damaging disease, the rest of us will shun them as we would rats carrying bubonic plague.

That’s easy enough with casual acquaintances—but what about family? What about (formerly) close friends? And the most challenging of all: what about finding a spouse in this Jabbed New World?

Consider marriage for the sake of raising children. In the daunting future that awaits us. Would you like to know if your bride to be is of pure blood or not? I bet you would, I bet you would indeed. So how is that going to work out? Are you just going to take her word for it? Or is she going to have to come up with some serious bonafides? As are you. She’ll want to know that your bloodline is also of the purest not vaxxed, not even a little bit, type.

Perhaps there will be future professions based around this quandary. The vaxx detective. Checking up on your social media history, among other places. …


11:43 am on October 7, 2021