The Injection War on Humans

And it continues, with the vaccine-obsessed Lunatics using the Scamdemic gene therapy mandates as the opportunistic “crisis” to hammer down never-ending poison injections.

Republicans in Wisconsin are (hopefully) going to stand up to the Blue-State Commie Governor’s vaccine mandates for meningitis and chickenpox. While the Rules Committee co-chair called these mandates “arbitrary and capricious,” he should, in fact, have called it what it is: rent-seeking clown-science and outright tyranny. To quote:

Officials with the state health department, an Evers Cabinet agency, announced in February they were trying again to implement regulations this fall that require students entering 7th grade to get vaccinated against meningitis. Students entering 12th grade must get a booster shot. Previously, the agency did not require any vaccinations against meningitis.

Reading the article deeper, you’ll note it’s all about “protecting the children.”


6:01 am on March 9, 2023