“The Hysterical Campaign to Suppress the [Confederate Battle] Flag . . .

. . . is actually a campaign to extinguish the South.  To get rid of people who are more traditional, conservative, and religious than it is now fashionable for Americans to be.  I believe Southerners are hated — and yes we are hated, and by people it would never occur to us to interfere with — because we are the last group of Americans who believe in freedom — who believe that not every sphere of life should be regulated by government.  The anti-flag campaign is nothing more than ethnic cleansing, which, as we know from history, often becomes oppression and then liquidation . . . .  If we are so bad, why have they never been willing to let us go?  Because they need their idea of us to keep up their self esteem in the American nightmare they have created.”

So says the great, learned, and profound Clyde Wilson.  The mob hysteria over the flag is just the latest manifestation of The Yankee Problem in America, the social poison from which was also recognized by Murray Rothbard.

UPDATE:  Anne S. writes:  “By the cultural Marxist logic, they attack the flag because it’s there.  If it wasn’t, they would denounce and demonize something else. What it really is, is a demonstration of political power; they have it and Southerners don’t.”


12:01 pm on July 28, 2015