The House Will Not Vote On Impeachment. It Will Censure Trump.

Lew, this is very wise, carefully reasoned, and prudential analysis. The hysterically short-sighted Congressional Democrats have painted themselves into a corner and no matter which way they turn it could prove disastrous in 2020. They may lose the presidency, the Senate, and the House in historic margins, and prove themselves politically irrelevant, and confined to the same “dust bin” historical status as their Whig Party predecessors.

In 1834, while under Whig control, the Senate censured Andrew Jackson, a member of the Democratic Party, for withholding documents relating to his actions in defunding the Bank of the United States. (Corrupt Whig senators Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were on retainers for the Bank). During the waning months of Jackson’s term, his Democratic allies succeeded in expunging the censure. This has not diminished Jackson’s stature in the history books or provide the reason recent historical revisionist progressives want him off the $20 dollar bill (it was his Indian policy relating to the Five Civilized Tribes which prompted this move). But as it stands, Old Hickory is still there. And so is Trump.


11:37 am on November 27, 2019