The Grifterment

Embedded within Joe Biden’s gazillion dollar Hyperinflation Hastening Bill is a provision to try out a brand new grift: a per-mile driving tax.  It’s all just an experiment, the fact checkers tell us.  It’s nothing to worry about.  An obviously impressive lady named Susan Howard, who has the imposing and authoritative title of “Program Director for Transportation Finance” at the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials assures us, “Implementation of any per-mile tax is likely still years away.”

You can learn more about AASHTO here.  They clearly are not a lobbying organization (cough).

Of course, the parasites in the government know that if they are going to succeed in abolishing gasoline for the Little People, they are killing the host that pays for Parasite Pelosi’s luxury ice cream and Socialist Sanders’s numerous homes.  Hence the need for a new grift.

Let’s stop calling them “the government.”  They don’t govern anything.  Let’s call them what they are: “the grifterment.”


10:05 am on October 1, 2021