The Great Fabrication: Viruses and Evil Bacteria

First C-Nineteen. Then came the never-ending “variants.” Then the Bird Flu. Then Monkeypox. Then meningococcal outbreaks. And the CDC recently chirped about “two new variant influenza viruses.” Now they are pushing the polio fabrication.

A recent headline reads: “Another pandemic much worse than COVID-19 is lurking in chicken farms, warns a scientist.”

I’ve been publishing writings and medical issues for 24 years, from the science, lifestyle, *and* political perspectives. I am not new to any of this. In fact, I have grown exponentially in my readings and knowledge since February 2020.

Given the relentless hard push on invisible, undetectable, unprovable, floating viruses, why do you still think C-Nineteen ever existed? Are you even aware that there have been global pandemic simulations (practice runs) conducted around the world for 20 years? [See Bobby Kennedy, Jr’s latest book, last chapter, for the details and citations.]

How much of this Germ Idiocracy will it take to convince you that germ theory is a tool of fear with the end game of control, power, and profits?


8:42 am on June 25, 2022

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