The Georgia Senate Election Campaign

I’ve been subjected to quite a few of the same old repetitive campaign commercials on TV for the Warnock/Walker senate campaign in Georgia for the past few weeks.  Warnock’s commercials are:  1) That Herschel Walker is a very, very, very, bad man; and 2) Warnock is Christ-like, loved by everyone, totally selfless, a man of God, and an orator in league with Socrates.  No mention at all of how, incidentally, he is also a radical communist.

Walker’s commercials are slightly different.  I’d say about 90% claim that Warnock is a very, very, very bad man, but then some of them do mention a policy issue or two, unlike Warnock’s commercials that have not once mentioned any reason in the world to vote for him other than that he will vote to rob citizens from other states to pay for pelf for Georgian welfare parasites (including the corporate kind), and that Walker is a very, very, very bad man.

The Demo-Bolsheviks seem to have outspent the Republicans on TV commercials by at least ten to one.  All that FTX money, laundered through Ukraine, made that a cinch.


9:44 am on December 6, 2022