The Gathering Storm for Freedom

As Lew Rockwell posted, the good folks at Infowars showcase a video of a mother in Arkansas telling her young son that she and her friends won a lawsuit against his school so that hereafter, the tyrants can’t force him to wear a mask. Her voice breaks as she relays this fantastic news, and her joyous hug with her son is priceless!

For even more encouragement, click on the link to her original post at Twitter and scroll down to the clip from a pilot for Southwest. Watch this man, who likely never thought about liberty prior to COVIDCon, deliver a stirring defense of freedom’s inestimable value and a call to defiance of the dictators.

The silver lining to the scamdemic: it’s won liberty more recruits than anything since the TSA and its sexual assaults!


8:07 pm on October 11, 2021