The Final Pandemic, Newest Book by Drs Sam & Mark Bailey

Drs Sam & Mark Bailey have just released their newest book, The Final Pandemic – An Antidote to Medical Tyranny which has been over 18 months in the making. There’s an excellent video intro to the book HERE.

If you’ve struggled to get friends and family members to look at this paradigm-changing material then this may be your best chance yet.

There are plenty of thought-provoking and – to those who are regular students of the Bailey’s works – never seen before content regarding virology, germ theory and allopathic medical mayhem.

Here’s a sneak peek to The Final Pandemic – An Antidote to Medical Tyranny:

Chapter 1 – Creating a Pandemic

Allopathic Medicine Invents Diseases

COVID-19: The Bait-and-Switch

Meaningless Cases

Enter “Patient Zero”

Clustering and “Asymptomatic Transmission”

‘Typhoid Mary’ – The Original “Superspreader” Story

Death of “Whistleblower” Doctors

Prepare the Public with Hollywood Blockbusters

Chapter 2 – Scapegoats for Disease

Invent a Disease and Blame it on Animals

Blame SARS on Bats with no Evidence

Slaughter Millions of Animals to Drive the Fear

Blame the Pox on Gay Men (and Animals – Again)

Suggest the Disease came from a Lab (and Animals – Again)

The Washington Post Connects no Dots

Fear-inducing “Viruses” Like Ebola…that Never Arrive

Chapter 3 – The History of Misplaced Beliefs

What’s Human-to-Human Transmission?

But Can’t You ‘Catch a Cold?’

Blaming Nutritional Deficiencies on Germs

Blaming More Dietary Problems on Germs

Blaming the Effects of Environmental Toxins on Germs

“Treatments” that Cause the Disease?

Don’t Worry if the Germ Even Exists

Death-dealing Drugs Marketed as “Life-saving”

Chapter 4 – Pandemics of Testing

PCR Already Known to Cause False Pandemics

The PCR Exposed Whooping Cough’s Faulty Science

What is the Polymerase Chain Reaction?

Why was SARS-2 (COVID-19) Bigger than SARS-1?

How to Create “Virus Genomes”

Chapter 5 – Press Release Science

Programming the Public

Celebrity Cases

Rigging the Playing Field

“Stuffing Their Mouths with Gold”

Persecution of Those Questioning the Narrative

Case Study: The Suppression of The Perth Group

Chapter 6 – All Pandemics Lead to Vaccines

What are Vaccines Doing?

The Bill Gates Factor

Big Pharma Invents Demand

Case Study: ‘HPH’ & Her Licence to Lie

The Cause of the Rise in Vaccine “Misinformation”



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The Final Pandemic is available in e-book, paperback and hardcover versions.

Highly Recommended


5:21 pm on February 25, 2024