The Diabolical Evil of Bill Gates Caught on Video

Scroll down to the video in this document entitled “Henry Kissinger and Bill Gates Call for Mass Vaccination and Global Governance.”  Then go to minutes 15:55 through 17:50 to view a presentation by Bill Gates.  The presentation is about global warming hysteria.  Gates says that the big problem is that there is too much carbon dioxide in the world, and therefore too many carbon dioxide-producing people (exhaling it).  He says “we” need to reduce the world population by 15% for starters, and that in his opinion that can be achieved through doing a good job with “vaccines and reproductive health.”  We need to get carbon dioxide  down to zero, he says, or we will all either burn up or drown from the melting glaciers.

“Reproductive health” is leftist lingo for abortion.   Obviously, more abortions = fewer people on the planet.  The especially revealing thing about this, however, is that Gates claims that vaccines — particularly the impending COVID-19 vaccine — will hopefully have the same effect of reducing the population as abortions would.  He doesn’t explain how, exactly, but one guess is that he is hoping that these vaccines will poison and kill a hell of a lot of people.  If you believe that his vaccines will improve health, then that would be diametrically opposed to his stated primary objective of reducing the world population through abortion.


12:16 pm on April 9, 2020