The Courageous Lew Rockwell Boldly Speaks Truth To Power

This is a crucially important message from the courageous Lew Rockwell concerning the future of the country under the usurper Biden regime, the egregious overreach of the security state (primarily the FBI and the DOJ) and the invalid, unconstitutional 2020 presidential election. The time for complicity and feeble excuses from the elite GOP leadership is over, whether on the stolen 2020 election or the Ukraine/Russia War. We need a massive populist upsurge revolt to once and for all time purge these lying despicable cowards from their protected positions of power and dominance.

Leaders have had to deal with these kinds of concerns before. Everyone on the Warren Commission knew that Oswald was not the assassin of President Kennedy, and the 9/11 Commission knew that the official story was false. The 9/11 commission chairman, co-chairman, and legal counsel later wrote books in which they said that information was withheld from them and that the committee was set up to fail.

It was impossible to tell the public in the wake of the Cuban Missile Crisis with the Soviet Union that their president had been assassinated by the US Joint Chiefs and CIA with the complicity of the Secret Service. The Warren Commission understood completely that destroying the public’s confidence in military and security leaders at a time of such tension with the Soviet Union would have been disastrous. The same for 9/11. The commission was not under any circumstances going to tell the public that it was a false flag attack necessary to launch two decades of war in the Middle East.

It is certainly the case that red state America knows the election was stolen, so withholding known information is not going to prevent a split in the country. It will simply make it worse by giving red state America proof that the system is broken and cannot be fixed.

Nevertheless, Republicans and courts might not realize this, and even if they do they might not want to be the ones who pull the trigger.

Karl Marx said that audacity, if audacious enough, works, and Lenin proved it. This, I believe, is what the Democrats and presstitutes are relying on.”

If we spread the word about this fraud, we can strike a blow at the soft underbelly of brain-dead Biden and his cohorts. This is what the great and heroic Murray Rothbard would want us to do.


9:31 am on September 26, 2022