The Camp of the Saints

As the world watches the wrenching events in France unfold after the horrific “Charlie Hebdo” massacre, one cannot not help but be reminded of the stentorian warning to the West emblazoned in the apocalyptic novel by Jean Raspail, The Camp of the Saints (.pdf). In one of the most divisive and controversial works of the 20th Century, Raspail chillingly predicted and prophesized forty two years ago precisely what is occurring and its suicidal consequences for the diseased remnants of that civilization. It is unquestionably the most powerful novel I have ever read. Insidious egalitarianism, destructive welfarism, aggressive multiculturalism, cultural Marxism, Third World invasions by the wretched of the earth, militaristic imperialism posing as humanitarian liberation, and mindless parousiatic atheism in the name of a hallowed pluralism, have blended into a banal omnipresent doxology, that of statolatry. Other prophetic voices have followed Raspail: Oriana FallaciPascal BrucknerBruce Bawer, and most notably Patrick J. Buchanan (herehere here). The culture vultures have indeed come home to roost and are flailing away at the twisted torso of the corpse that was once the West.


11:30 am on January 11, 2015