The Butler Shaffer Scene From The Americanization of Emily

Virtually every year on Memorial Day, our late and beloved Butler Shaffer would point to the powerful message found in this crucial segment of the movie, The Americanization of Emily, as the true lesson we should take away from the faux pomp and celebratory commemoration of persons slaughtered in the wars of the state.  Read Butler’s profound words:

*** The Americanization of Emily — I have saved my favorite anti-war film for last. This James Garner/Julie Andrews picture is quite good. The most powerful portion of it is the garden scene, in which Garner and Andrews are talking with Andrews’ mother about war. Garner’s impassioned soliloquy on the nature of war — with emphasis on the wives and mothers who keep the bloodbaths going by honoring them — packs more wallop than just about any other film. Garner ends up declaring that it will be cowards — such as himself — who will save the world.


1:20 am on May 25, 2020