The Biggest Night of Fireworks Ever

In my neck of the woods all of the mini Mussolinies cancelled their towns’ Fourth of July fireworks.  So in my beach town of Delray Beach, Florida there was no all-day-long exodus of people from all over God’s creation to get to the beach to watch the crappy 15-minute government fireworks display (and then The Big Schlepp back to the parking garage a mile away, lugging beach chairs and coolers); no day long traffic snarls; no garbage left all over the streets and sidewalks and the beach.

It was, however, the biggest night of fireworks ever, totally privatized.  Knowing that there would be no government-sponsored fireworks, it seems that everyone with a yard put on their own display for hours.  It’s even possible that one or two people learned the lesson that you don’t always have to wait for government to do everything for you.

I didn’t have a birds’-eye view (my private helicopter was in the shop), but it was probably a mini-version of last night in Los Angeles.


7:32 am on July 5, 2020

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