The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

Top House Republican Comes Out in Favor of Impeachment, Claims Trump ‘Lit the Flame’ of Capitol Riot.

The evil despicable Liz Cheney is truly her father’s Satanic spawn. Notice the unmistakable glee that the #NeverTrumpers at National Review take in framing this story.

The reprehensible Conservative Inc., National Review, the CIA’s synthetic “conservative movement,” and the GOP criminal cartel, which I have been denouncing and challenging for decades is in its death throes. They are desperately attempting to build a revanchist effort to recapture the institutional post-Trump Republican Party and purge it of all Trump ideas, trappings, and images.

They will use their insidious apparat of scurrilous think tanks, compliant media assets at a purged Fox News and filtered social media propaganda outlets to build the momentum for spreading this vile poison to the tens of millions of Trump loyalists and good, honest, decent, and loyal Americans who hate and despise these elitists who virulently hate and despise their values and essential core beliefs of faith, family, and fidelity to the Constitution and the Republic.

These neocon bastards are the enemy, have always been the enemy, and with their fellow travellers of Big Tech oligarchs, seditious commies and progressives, Wall Street corporatist compatriots and treasonous deep state co-conspirators must be challenged and fought to the death in the Culture War.

The battle lines have been drawn.

Show them no quarter.


7:51 pm on January 12, 2021