The Anti-Putin Yellow Press Is In Full Swing

The yellow press has taken to calling Vladimir Putin a “pariah”. Three examples are here, here and here. This yellow journalism is arriving under the banners of the following rags: National Post, Newsweek and USA Today They are all outright warmongering, in new heights of detestable irresponsibility.

Pariah is no neutral term. Pariah means “outcast, persona non grata, leper, undesirable, unperson, nonperson.” Historically it referred to low caste persons in India. It’s a highly prejudicial and inflammatory term. It’s meant to encourage the cutting off of communications with that person and worse. It denigrates the person to whom it is applied and that raises the war temper, the idea being that it’s then right to treat that person with destructive violence and sanctions. Creating demons is a step on the road to war, and that is what this yellow journalism is up to.


9:30 am on July 22, 2014