The Amazing and Prolific Thomas Woods

Virtually everyone familiar with this website is extremely aware of the amazing contributions of Tom Woods, whether in the shelf-load of 12 insightful books he has written or edited over the years, of his plethora of ebooks on a vast array of topics he has composed, his writing has appeared in dozens of popular and scholarly periodicals, including the American Historical Review, the Christian Science MonitorInvestor’s Business DailyCatholic Historical ReviewModern AgeAmerican StudiesIntercollegiate Review, Catholic Social Science ReviewEconomic Affairs (U.K.), Quarterly Journal of Austrian EconomicsInside the VaticanHuman EventsUniversity BookmanJournal of Markets & MoralityNew Oxford ReviewCatholic World ReportIndependent ReviewReligion & LibertyJournal of Libertarian StudiesJournal des Economistes et des Etudes HumainesAD2000 (Australia), Christian Order (U.K.), and Human Rights Review; his courses for The Tom Woods’ Liberty Classroom and the Ron Paul Curriculum, or the over 2000 podcasts of The Tom Woods Show he has hosted. But perhaps not everyone is familiar with two of his greatest endeavors, authorship of his brilliant book, How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization, and hosting his monumental EWTN series, The Catholic Church – Builder of Civilization. This weekend I revisited viewing these 13 episodes. Woods is an exemplary communicator, who is engaging and inclusive, and never condescending to his audience. He is forthright and authoritative in his pursuit of truth, but never vindictive, haughty or mean spirited. These educational, enlightening, and entertaining broadcasts are truly something no one should miss nor neglect viewing, whether you are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, or non-religious. In the past I have given the DVD version as a Christmas gift to persons I loved and knew would deeply appreciate it.  In these days when our Western Civilization is under one of the most savage and unrelenting assaults, and particularly the Roman Catholic Church is scorned, vilified and attacked, these landmark programs are must viewing. Here they are below:


10:49 pm on July 26, 2020