The Aftermath of a Coup

If a coup occurs in this country, we will know exactly who the perps are. The games that are being played about coup outcomes of the election do not go far enough. The material I read does not speculate about what patriots in America will do. I’ll tell you what they’ll do. If military people want to create a coup and then take to bunkers, then they’ll be sealed off and left to die. If they decide to stay above ground, their houses will be burned to the ground. As for them, they’ll be hung with great haste. The same fate awaits their aiders and abettors. If the planners look ahead just one or two more steps, they should fear for their lives. And if they come out into the open any further than they already have, they are placing their lives in great jeopardy even without a coup. Who will be the patriots who will stop them? The plotters and planners will be very surprised at how many people are itching for such a fight and willing to risk their lives and bodies to rid the land of these traitors.


1:10 pm on September 19, 2020