Take Your Favorite Kids To a Playground This Weekend

I don’t have children, but I’m tempted to rent some and participate in this protest to which Dave alerted me:

A group of Ohioans hopes to “free some playgrounds” this weekend.

The Facebook group,  “It’s Playtime!”  will be peacefully opening up playgrounds in communities statewide on Saturday morning at 10 am, allowing their children to do what children do best, play!…

“Ohio is a big state. We can’t possibly gather at every playground together. So please either take back your playground on your own, or find a group within this group,” said [Lauralee] Schmidt [the event’s organizer].

“Post your area, so plans can be made locally. … There is zero evidence showing Covid-19 lives on surfaces, lives in heat, or is contagious in the way originally rolled out,” said Schmidt. “The overreach of [Gov.] DeWine and [his chief public-health bureaucrat] Acton

Otherwise known as DeWack and Quack

 is purely that, an overreach with no basis of reasoning.” …

AMEN! And after you’re done on the swings and see-saw, kiddies, grab some tar and feathers…

Daniel Hoerst, who is helping promote the playground event, said that there is strength in numbers. … “I think by working in Groups we can draw more attention and have our voices heard. It’s harder to intimidate us or stop us when we are in groups.

Yep. That’s a cardinal rule of overthrowing dictatorship: one dissident will lose his freedom or his head; many are likely to prevail. Meanwhile, when will Ohio’s taxpayers see rebates for all the public playgrounds that are closed, not to mention municipal zoos, swimming pools, basketball courts, schools, etc? (Not that the state should own or manage any of these; why usurp private businesses? But since it does and has, it’s cheating residents to continue charging for “services” it now denies them.)

“People can know that they have support and don’t need to be afraid,” said Hoerst. … 

What’s that old saw about people fearing their government instead of the government fearing them? Dissent, dissent, Ohioans.


12:40 pm on June 4, 2020