Support Shaneen Allen

For those of you as infuriated as I by the State’s abuse of Shaneen Allen, the single mother facing years in prison for mistakenly believing that the People’s Republic of New Jersey would honor her gun-permit from Pennsylvania, we can now support her morally (write the sadists holding this lady  hostage) and monetarily.

Boy, but I bet Ms. Allen’s case has really twisted Progressives into knots. Whom to cheer: almighty Leviathan, with its war on serfs uppity enough to protect themselves after the State has demonstrably failed to do so, or the poor, black woman now caught in the beast’s claws? Intriguing we haven’t heard from the Rev. (ahem: exactly what seminary issued his degree?) Al “Bigmouth” Sharpton about Ms. Allen, isn’t it? Indeed, where are any of the “civil rights” crowd?

Meanwhile, please join in me not only in supporting Ms. Allen but in praying that the Lord will defend her and her children from the satanic State. How long till the revolution?


5:55 am on August 11, 2014