Supplying More Ammo for His Own Impeachment

Comrade Mike DeWack—sorry, DeWine is at it again in Ohio, ginning up fear and then threatening the serfs with further punishment:

We’re in a very dangerous situation, & I think we can all agree that we can’t let our hospitals get to the point where healthcare is threatened. The curfew, mask-wearing, retail inspection have helped, but they haven’t helped enough. We’ll have to do more. We don’t have a choice.

You total turd: of course you have a choice. You’ve chosen despotism.

And praise God, the American spirit isn’t completely dead! For proof, skim the comments on DeWack’s tweet. Some bootlicking and cringing, but oh, so much defiance! 

Meanwhile, David S, the Ohioan who sent me this story, fumed,

Every part of [DeWack’s] statement is a lie. I don’t know how we can do this again…

Also, I just found out their snitch empowerment has gotten more high tech with a firm. I think everyone should be encouraged to flood it with BS. We have to stop this tyrant before he kills anyone else. 

So there you go, folks. Fill in the form with verve and wit, and yes, that may require several entries, maybe a dozen or more, given the cleverness of LRC’s average reader. Copy your responses before submitting and send ‘em to me. I’ll post the funniest, most rebellious, and all around best ones so everyone and not just Ohio’s snitch-supervisors can savor them. Plus, they may inspire those of you living elsewhere to overwhelm your own rat-fink bureaus!


10:05 am on December 5, 2020

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