Summer imPeaches

Ah, don’t you just love summer? The birds all singing, a sky blue as Bisbee turquoise, the smell of ripe peaches, and the impeachment of a United States President. What more could you ask for? It promises to be fun for the whole family, which is a lot more than you can say for most of the so-called “vacation destinations” these days. We’re not even a year into this administration and we’ve already gone retro into Watergate. This is Watergate-Gate! Or, perhaps, the sequel we’ve all been waiting for. “Watergate Two: Trumping Nixon”. Coming soon to a theater near you!

I don’t know if they really have it in them to move forward with an impeachment. It depends on what the television ratings will look like. And also how well they can play it to their own benefit. The Democrats would rather something like this happen closer to the 2020 elections than three years away. The Republicans are all acting like the guy who was one of the first that bought an AMC Pacer and thought it was cool. Then only noticed everyone snickering behind their hands afterwards. But are now stuck with it and have to keep paying it off because no one will do a trade-in worth what they’ve got into it. The Democrats say, “See, we told you!” Yeah, but come on guys. You guys were selling the Ford Pinto.

Well, this may be the summer blockbuster of all time. If it happens. Which I have my doubts…


12:40 pm on May 17, 2017