Sue New York Times for libel?!?!

Dear Folks: I am contemplating suing the New York Times for libel. For details, go here:

Block, Walter. 2014. “Reply to the Scurrilous, Libelous, Venomous, Scandalous New York Times Smear Campaign.” January 30.  

Several people have responded to this article of mine on, and have pledged several hundreds of dollars between them. But, I have just learned, much to my consternation, that to launch such a lawsuit would costs LOTS of money. So, I’m looking for a (libertarian) lawyer who would do this pro bono. Any volunteers out there? If so, please get in touch with me at [email protected]. I’m not in this for the money. I intend to donate any money I get from this to the Mises Institute. I’m willing to donate all the time it would take to do this, and maybe a little bit of my own money, but I don’t have too much for this purpose. I know that the ACLU helped out Hans Hoppe when he had his difficulties regarding “time preference.” So I might try them. Are there any other such organizations that might take on a case like mine? I have also been told that I don’t have a good case, since I did indeed use the exact words the NY Times quoted me as saying. But, I contend, this newspaper took those words completely out of context. I don’t much care if some people think I have a good legal case or not. I very much want to sue them. I would appreciate any help anyone could give me on this.


4:22 pm on February 1, 2014