• Stupid Statists

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    Fascinating, statists’ “reasoning.”

    Since last week, when the TSA announced that it will permit allegedly free people to carry their pocketknives onboard aircraft, raucous shouts of “Idiots!” and “Remember 9/11!” have sounded across the corporate media. An absurd editorial in the State Island Advance is typical. “For nearly 12 years,” it begins, “U.S. air travel has been successfully protected by tight security.” Well, I guess that depends on your definition of “protected”: the TSA has slaughtered one passenger, is morally responsible for the death of another, and has sexually assaulted millions while plundering their goods. And those dangers are all officially sanctioned! I won’t even try to list the virtually endless crimes our “protectors” commit on their own initiative.

    But the statists on Staten Island have no problem with any of that. Rather, they denounce the decision on pocket-knives as “pure folly” and insist it “must not be permitted.”

    Let me ask you something. Suppose you head for your favorite steakhouse tonight. You order your usual: prime rib with a side of butterflied shrimp and a mélange of veggies. Yet the waiter brings you the plate of fried grasshoppers “green” lunatics are eating, nor heeds your outraged protestations. “New policy from management,” he says. “Pure folly,” wouldn’t you agree? Will that restaurant see one dime of business from you again? Or do those sautéed critters have you seriously questioning the manager’s judgment and sanity? Yet statists persist in believing that the TSA remains wise and benevolent enough to “protect” us except for those lapses they personally detest.


    8:10 am on March 14, 2013