Straussians, Like the Marxist Left, are Threats to American Civilization With All Their . . .

lies and disortions about American history.  Especially their repetition of Harry Jaffa’s ignorant and dishonest “reinterpretations” of the writings of John C. Calhoun.  Like the Marxist Left, the Straussian neocons want a huge, centralized state, especially a huge, centralized, military/industrial/spying complex.  That is why they, along with the Marxist Left, incessantly spew hatred of southerners, southern history, southern culture, southern monuments, and everything else associated with the American South.  The South was the birthplace of the Jeffersonian idea of limited, decentralized government.  Only the South ever seriously opposed the New England/Abraham Lincoln dogma of the centralized, “unitary” state.  These ideas that America was founded upon are deadly poison to Straussian centralizers at Hillsdale College, the neocon media (especially Mark Levin, “The Grate One”), and all other institutions that they have infected.

(And by the way, these neocons will also never mention that Massachusetts was the first colony to legalize slavery; that slavery existed in New York City until 1853; that the transatlantic slave trade was run out of New York, Boston, Newport, and Providence, Rhode Island; that this slave trade operated illegally for years after the “Civil War,” bringing slaves to Brazil and elsewhere where slavery still existed; that New England insurance companies and textile mill operators were complicit in slavery; that slaves were used to build the slave ships that sailed from these New England and New York harbors; that their hero and idol, Alexander Hamilton, owned slaves and once purchased six of them at a slave auction; that New Yorkers lynched dozens, maybe hundreds, of free blacks when in July of 1863 the Lincoln regime introduced slavery as a new issue of the war and began enforcing the new conscription law; that Ulysses S. Grant was the overseer of his father-in-law’s slave plantation and that he owned slaves himself until he was forced to free them in 1866; that Robert E. Lee freed the slaves his wife, a descendant of Martha Washington, had inherited; that New Englanders attempted to secede in the first decade of the nineteenth century; that Jefferson Davis and his wife Varina had adopted a black orphan and raised him in their home with their own children, something Abraham Lincoln would never have dreamed of doing; that New Englanders were such racists that they dug up black graves whenever they found them in their whites-only cemeteries; that that Northerners wanted to preserve the new territories as an all-white society; that”black codes” that deprived free blacks of citizenship originated in the Northern states; that Illinois amended its constitution in 1848 to prohibit the migration of black people into the state; that Lincoln advocated the deportation of all black people until his dying day (see the book Colonization After Emancipation); and that in his first inaugural address Lincoln pledged his support of an amendment to the Constitution — the Corwin Amendment — that would have prohibited the federal government from ever interfering with the institution of slavery.  Among other things).


9:20 am on August 11, 2017