Sri Lanka déjà vu

Sri Lanka and its problems has been in the news again of late. Too many people today are not aware that such statist malfeasance and idiotic central planning is nothing new to this tragic land. Take a look at this classic award-winning film, The Incredible Bread Machine, for an account of an earlier episode of misguided authoritarian ineptitude. Released in 1975 by World Research, Inc. it includes an introduction by then-Secretary of the Treasury, William E. Simon, and interviews with professors Walter Heller (University of Minnesota) and Milton Friedman (University of Chicago). Moderated by Dr. Ben Rogge (Wabash College). The film also features a hilarious cameo appearance by Murray N. Rothbard (discussing Urban Renewal). Written by Karl Keating, Susan Love Brown, Patrea Post and Stuart Smith, based on Richard Grant’s provocative poem.


1:15 pm on July 25, 2022