Sounds Fine—At First

Snitching has become the great, all-American pastime, as popular as baseball. No surprise, then, that the FBI will begin monitoring Leviathan’s cadres of goons: “A new criminal history monitoring program known as Rap Back will continuously check enrolled [governmental] employees for arrests, court convictions and other improper activities using scanned fingerprints. Other things that can trigger an alert are arrest warrants, immigration violations and inclusion on a sex offender database.” Once a “criminal,” always a “criminal” in Progressive America.

But who cares? If you’re so debased as to lord it over your fellow sinners via the bureaucratic regime, you deserve whatever abuses the State dishes out. Indeed, it’s the only time I cheer Leviathan on, with the fervent prayer that at some point, the humiliations and frustrations of sponging off the taxpayers will outweigh the pot of gold in the public trough. The State contains the seeds of its own destruction; let’s hope its gluttony when eating its own will one day drive all potential hires to find productive work instead.

I cheered even more than usual when I read that Our Rulers are testing “Rap [sic for ‘Rat’?] Back” on the TSA’s perverts. That oughta eliminate a hefty percentage of the gate-rapists right there! Recall that pedophiles and murderers, among many other miscreants, comprise their ranks.

But as always, the State won’t keep its horrors to itself. The FBI also wants “civilian employers” to research us in its database, for which espionage the agency will charge a fee (naturally, “Law enforcement agencies can access the service for free [sic for ‘at taxpayers’ expense’]). It “expects employers will use Rap Back to monitor school teachers, doctors and nurses, pilots, youth league coaches, caregivers for the young and old, and others.”

“…and others.” Who among us doesn’t fall into that category?


10:20 am on July 13, 2015